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The snow is melting

The snow is melting! And now it’s ice : ( it is making walking the grove a matter of life and limb. But just as the snow is going away so will the ice path. When thinking about it seems as if we go from one challenge to another one. Just when we have figured out how to get around in the snow without sounding like an out of shape old fat person on a tour. We are not facing the ice path. We are looking for the grassy area where everything has melted to walk safely up the hill to the grove (now we just sound like old fat people a lot less out of shape).

I feel an all things spiritual thing there. In each season of our life we face challenges. Having just come through or are coming to the end of winter here in NY. We had some really hard days. We were learning how to give tours via Zoom. We learned how to dress so that we can stay warm (layer upon layer). Which shoes are best for walking in the snow. And more importantly how to stay positive. We are now pretty comfortable with the winter season just as it is coming to its end for 2021. As we were in the beginning and even in the middle, I didn’t think we would get it figured out. IT WAS HARD! But I can see as we took each day one at a time and each tour one at a time. We were able to endure each day and endure it well. As we looked at what we had done each day and felt proud of the effort that we had made. So it will be if we put forth our best effort forward for the spring season here in NY. I hear if you thought the snow was bad just wait for the rain. So I begin the mental preparation that when the rain does come I will be prepared and like my tagline reads for 2021 “Come what may and love it”. I will continue to look for the grassy area in my life where if I just move over 2 feet the walk will not be nearly as difficult.  I will also look for those who have walked that path and come out with the least amount of bumps and bruises to see how they were able to walk that path.

Yesterday the new Young Sister Missionaries (YSM) got to do part of a live tour with us at 2 and then at 4:30 they took on the whole tour all by themselves. They did a great job. It is fun to watch and to think that just 6 weeks ago we were where they are now. We were nervous and words would just not come to our mind what we wanted to say. We had memories some of the really important parts but when giving the tour they would just vanish from our minds (thank goodness for note), now we are really quite comfortable. And happy to share the things we have learned (I guess we are that grassy area for the YSM).