End of an era…..

Things have been very busy around here with the tremendous influx of visitor who planned their travels in hopes of seeing the Hill Cumorah Pageant in its last year. Earlier this year the Church announced that they would not be having the Pageant this year, and that made 2019 the official last year. But so many had already booked their vacations around the dates. But the church is going to broadcast it on July 9th…or at least the last official years presentation. If you have not seen it before, I would invite you to make a date to watch it.


Things have finally changed here in New Your around Covid restrictions. We FINALLY have been able to sing again in church as last week. We have also begun shaking hands and sitting normally (each bench without having to separate by one) in the chapel. It feels good to have some normal associating time again with friends. The guests coming to the site are much happier as it is now in the 90’s with VERY HIGH humidity. The heat index is well over 100 each day. Breathing through the masks is something that just does not happen well in the humidity. In fact, it states on the box of masks we have for guests that they should not be used, or are not effective, in greater than 70% humidity. 😉

This past week Marshall Leeper and his family came by and what a treat to get to share some of the insights with them. We were able to share some things we dont share on a regular tour due to lack of time, as well as got to take them to a couple of special sites. This is an open invitation to all to come and we will do the same for you. Would love to see you some time in the next 12 months.

I thought for this episode I would share some additional pictures of the spectacular landscapes and places here in the western New York area that have not made the letter due to space. Enjoy.

Remember you are loved

Sister and Elder Isom

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