End of an era…..

Things have been very busy around here with the tremendous influx of visitor who planned their travels in hopes of seeing the Hill Cumorah Pageant in its last year. Earlier this year the Church announced that they would not be having the Pageant this year, and that made 2019 the official last year. But so many had already booked their vacations around the dates. But the church is going to broadcast it on July 9th…or at least the last official years presentation. If you have not seen it before, I would invite you to make a date to watch it.


Things have finally changed here in New Your around Covid restrictions. We FINALLY have been able to sing again in church as last week. We have also begun shaking hands and sitting normally (each bench without having to separate by one) in the chapel. It feels good to have some normal associating time again with friends. The guests coming to the site are much happier as it is now in the 90’s with VERY HIGH humidity. The heat index is well over 100 each day. Breathing through the masks is something that just does not happen well in the humidity. In fact, it states on the box of masks we have for guests that they should not be used, or are not effective, in greater than 70% humidity. 😉

This past week Marshall Leeper and his family came by and what a treat to get to share some of the insights with them. We were able to share some things we dont share on a regular tour due to lack of time, as well as got to take them to a couple of special sites. This is an open invitation to all to come and we will do the same for you. Would love to see you some time in the next 12 months.

I thought for this episode I would share some additional pictures of the spectacular landscapes and places here in the western New York area that have not made the letter due to space. Enjoy.

Remember you are loved

Sister and Elder Isom

A small season of rejoicing…

Well in the last episode I said that I would try to be a little bit better of getting these out on a weekly basis, but as you can see, I failed miserably. I don’t want to make a lot of excuses but on May 28th we opened up to live in person tours, which has been absolutely phenomenal. But at the same time, it has required a lot of work and long days. So here I am a few weeks later trying to update you on all of the things that have happened. So maybe we will start at the very beginning.

On the 28th of May we were able to open back up to live guests coming in to visit us here, and I must confess it was kind of challenging, and it did not help that that weekend just so happened to be the Memorial Day weekend.  We had thousands scheduled to visit the sites with appointments. We had done our best to organize as we needed to have scheduled anointments because we are limited to only 10 persons per tour per site. But we had an additional 30% of unscheduled people just show up hoping to be able to get a tour and see the homes etc. We worked tirelessly to be able to make this happen for all and giving them a wonderful experience. And it appears that this will carry for forward all the way through Labor Day. So I am not going to make any kind of promises to be here on a more frequently with updates.

I believe that we mentioned earlier in another post that we had made our way down to Watkins Glen to see the falls and the Gorge. At that time, the Gorge was closed but it has since reopened and so this last Wednesday we made our way down in an attempt to walk it. And it was worth every bit of the effort to get down there. The actual walk is just over a mile, and it winds on the side of the river and up along the edge where the river has cut through the rocks and created beautiful waterfalls. A couple of them we were able to walk behind and were able to reach out and feel cold fresh in water. There were steps and bridges along the way that gave scenic views that were spectacular. The most interesting thing to me was that that at the very top where the water was starting down the gorge it looked still and calm. You would never know that that was the same water that was rushing so hard and cuttings rocks to form the beautiful Falls. We made our way back to the end of the Gorge and there we found that the water was calm and peaceful as well. Interesting how sometimes in our lives the water is rushing, and we sometimes feel it carving our personal Gorges, but know that it is peaceful and still once it finds it way to the end.

Look closely at the small yellow lights. Hard to photograph a firefly….

The other night we went out for a walk just at sunset and we found that the fireflies had come out. This is the second time that we’ve had an opportunity to witness fireflies, as the first time we saw them was in Nauvoo. What a fun experience to watch these small lights dancing across the fields and at the edges of the Grove. We brought the sisters out, and they were so excited to witness this for the very first time. What a wonderful creation this world and its life are that our Father in Heaven has given us with so many interesting things to inspire and delight.

Early this week we were able to get up and take a for us early morning tour, for them a late night tour to a group of missionaries and ward members in Thailand. We had one elder who did the translation for the tour and did a wonderful job. We have learned that at the beginning of these translation tours it’s best to give the missionaries, or whoever is translating, the scriptures that we would like to have them read as we are in the Grove. We asked if he would read Joseph Smith History verses 15 through 17 when we asked him to. Just to give you some idea, as we go into the Grove, we have the opportunity of sharing the first vision with our guests who are on the virtual tour and it is powerful and moving experience. Well when we got to this point and invited him to share the testimony of Joseph Smith, we noticed that he would have a very difficult way through. We scan through the other members that were there we almost there be moved his spirit estimate of Jeff. Then realized that he wasn’t in the Grove at the parent sharing things that Joseph shared with the world brands college admission. What a blessing for us to be part of this on a daily basis as we get an opportunity to serve.

When you come on a mission you fully expect your time will be spent in serving others, but from time to time it is you that will be served by others, and one of those types was last night. We had a bus full of young people show up which we were able to accommodate on the tour of the sacred Grove. At the conclusion they asked our Mission President if it would be possible that they may be able to share a concert with us that night. And all what a concert it was. We were able to set with this group of young performers in gathering area near the Grove as they bore their testimony through song of the wonderful events that transpired there. I’m not sure I could have had a better payback for a long day of Labor than that blessed moment of time last evening. And what made it even better is that we found one of the young performing missionaries we get to know during our time in Nauvoo was part of the group. And even better she had found and married her sweetheart.

That will wrap it up for this post. Know that you are loved and that we wish you all health and happiness.