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I know…I know… I said I would try to be better on getting this out on a more regular basis, but I can truly attest that the past few weeks have been a whirl wind. First off, they say every good thing must come to an end, but I will say every good thing can continue on and be built upon. We finished our mission in Palmyra in mid-June and got to leave before we had to say good by to another group of sisters as they left on their proselyting missions. Good for me, as it is hard to say good by to them. But before all of this happened Amy and I got Covid. Yes, we came out in the MIDDLE of covid with a warning that we were taking a risk. But it was not until the last 3 weeks of our mission that we contacted it. Not the way we intended to end, but we did get a week right at the end to share the sights with our guests. What a blessing as I think we did not take a single one of those tours for granted.  

The 2500-mile trip home was uneventful (for a change) with the exception that every state we traveled through was experiencing a heat wave. In Albuquerque, we stopped to have dinner with our own beloved Sister Christensen’s mother and sister. It literally poured rain like some one had turned on a fire hose. Very interesting traveling down the freeway at 35 MPH with nearly 3 inches of water running and trying to stay in the white lines. But we did arrive home in time to celebrate Father’s Day with all our family. How sweet to be with them after nearly a year and a half.

We had only one week at home to turn things around and drive 1700 miles back to Nauvoo to participate in the pageant for 5 weeks. Just before we had left in January 2021 for our mission, we had to have a new roof put on our trailer and placed it into the covered storage for 18 months. We got it out, dusted it off, and got about the business or preparing to go. We replaced the tires as well as the batteries and felt we were ready to set out. For the first nearly 1000 miles of our trip things went smoothly. We stayed at a couple of very interesting RV camp sites and met some great people.

As we got near Kansas City, thing began to unravel (literally). We pulled into a parking lot and a lady approached us and asked if we had an air conditioner cover on the top of our trailer. We said no, and she let us know something was flapping on top of the trailer. Upon examination the new roof we had  done, had let go and wound-up pealing back and wrapping around the air conditioner exposing the underlayment of ply boards. We did a quick secure job and made our way to the next camp site just outside the city. The next morning, we visited Camping World and met another Angel in the form of April who got us taken care of to get an estimate and repair as needed. We then continued on to Nauvoo with out a place to stay. Relying on the impression that we were supposed to be there.

If you have been counting up the Tender Mercies in this story, here is another one to add to it. As we approached with a commitment to find a surrounding area hotel to stay in, we got a call from the housing coordinators that an FM apartment had just been made available to them for the duration of the Pageant and that we would be able to move in upon arrival. On the following Sunday we started with our new assignments in getting the new family cast members suited up. I did not have any security assignments until later in the week, so I hung around and helped them a bit. It is a good thing I did because later in the week one of the 3 men in the department came down with Covid. So I have been filling in around security on Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday. It is always good to have a fallback job. 😉

The pageant has not disappointed at all. All of the cast are on top of it, and it has been very enjoyable. I wonder if this has taken on an additional importance, since we got to spend our time in the cradle of the restoration for our mission and have come to know and love these early saints and their sacrifices.

My mind has been caught up these last few weeks, pondering the concept of community. As Christ taught the early saints and apostles, he gathered them into a community.  As the saints gathered, they too strived to create a community in the Lord. One of the things I have noted this past week here in Nauvoo is that sense of community is also present. As people come from all different backgrounds, locations, and levels of talents, everyone is truly happy to be together. They are happy to help and lift each other. I think this is what all the prophets have strived for over the years from the beginning of time. I think this is what our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ are wanting us to adopt…no to become so that their work may roll on and our joy I this life, as well as in the next life, may be full.

Remember you are loved

Mike and Amy

(Formerly Elder and Sister Isom)