As you can see it has still been a bit cold and snowy here, but it makes for some spectacular vistas. We took a hike down to the Taughannock falls. It was beautiful. The waterfall was epic, and the ice at the base of the falls had not completely broken up yet, so it looked like a flying saucer from Independence Day (the Movie) waiting to launch. Downstream we found slabs of Ice that had been broken up from the water flow that were the size of cars.

The Sisters have arrived…but the guests are a little slow in joining us yet. But that will change very quickly. They have been busy learning their narratives and providing us with lots of laughter and energy. They even did a version of Jeopardy one night to try and stump the Seniors. It worked on a few questions, but we shined bright on all the categories except the one about “The Sisters”. (Still a bit early in the program for most of those questions)

With the cold at night, and the heating up during the day, it has brought on the Maple Season once again. But with the warmer days, this next week might be the last week. None the less we got out to see our good friend Les and his maple operation again, and this time we brought along the Michael Tomlinson family. They made us a part of their Spring break travels this year. It was great to share the sites of the restoration here in Palmyra with them, as well as some interesting local spots. We were able to also get out the baptismal site of Brigham Young, the Tomlinson Inn, as well as let Mark try his hand at walking on water (well on the ice on top of the Erie Canal water at least)

We took a tour of Historic Palmyra, which includes 5 museums about the life and time of this location. We toured a Coverlet Museum which is dedicated to the Weaving of bed covers and wall hangings from the late 1700’s to the late 1800’s. Also, an Erie Canal Museum as well as an early Printing operation. But my favorite was the old Phelps store. The story goes that when the government was using ration stamps, and mandating local business take them, he refused and locked the doors in the early 40. The store is exactly how he left it right down to bottled spearmint oil (that smells like it was produced today) and a bunch of eggs; ….Yes, EGGS, under a plexiglass cover (NO I did not smell the eggs). His daughter inherited the store and the home above it, and lived there until 1978 when she passed away. Interesting thing she lived there without electricity or modern plumbing those many years.

Easter is coming in the not-too-distant future, and the timing will be just right as the Grove awakens from its long winter slumber. It will begin to show its colorful blossoms, and birds will begin to herald its awakening. It will be a fabulous back drop for us to consider on the most historic event in all the history of mankind, when the Son burst forth from the darkened tomb and brought forth the radiant light to awaken all of mankind. May your coming days lead you to remember this precious even as you celebrate the coming of Spring once again.

Know that you are Loved

Elder and Sister Isom